INVITING CONTEST- Win A Gold Necklace!

Alright. I am having an inviting contest to get more followers for my blog. Read below to figure out how it all works out.

What To Do/How To Enter
– First, you MUST be a follower of my blog through Google or BlogLovin’.
– Invite people from real life, online, anything to join my blog.
– Once you get someone to join, leave a comment telling me that you invited them. I will then ask them to make sure that your being honest about who you invited.
– Once we have it cleared up that you invited someone, you will get one (1) entry into the drawing for the necklace.

– You will get one entry per person who you invite to follow my blog.
– You MUST follow my blog yourself.
– All the entries will be drawn from a hat, completely at random.
– You may enter as many times as you want.
– There must be a MINIMUM of 5 new followers invited before the necklace prize will be rewarded.
– You may not count your following as an entry if you are not already following.
– I hold to right to do what I want. 😛 (End the contest at any time, change rules, add more details, etc.) The prize WILL remain the same, however.
– The necklace will be mailed to the winner. I will pay all the shipping & handling. If your worried about giving me your shipping address, think about, why would I jeopardize my blog by doing something stupid? This is a contest to get more followers, not loose them all. I can be trusted. (If your under 18, PLEASE get your parents permission, if you win, to have something set to you from me. Thanks.)

Contest Duration
Contest Starts: Now, 8/16/09.
Contest Ends: 9/22/09, the day my school starts. (I hold to right to end it at any time or to extend it.)

The Prize Necklace
Length (doubled over): 9.5 inches
Length (of the cross): > 1 inch
Color: Gold. The color, not the element.
Wear: No visible wear, no tear, only worn a couple times.
Valued at: Over $20.
Pictures: (Not the best picture, but you get the idea. I could post more if you REALLY wanted me to.)
(Click to enlarge.)