Copy Cat Fashion Designers


My mom always told me that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. Like when someone starts to wear their hair the same way you wear yours, it means that they like what you’ve done, they admire you, you should be flattered.

But there is a line. When does imitation become copying? It’s one thing when a designer uses the same color palette, a similar shape to a top, etc. However, when a designer completely copies another designers work with out any changes, that is no longer flattery, that’s just plain copying and it’s wrong. In the image above, this concept is illustrated. Wasson uses the same colors, same patterns, and same shape in “her” skirt as Posen used in his 2003 collection. Did she honestly think that no one would notice? Why did she even try to get away with it? She was going to get caught. You can’t even pretend for a moment that you didn’t know that someone else had made that same skirt. When you copy that closely, there is no way you didn’t know about the other design.

Shame on you, Wasson. That’s a pretty low thing to do.

Now it’s your turn.

What do you think about designers who copy others? This is your time to rant. Let it all out below. Why do you think designers copy each other? Especially like this, exactly copied, not even slightly changed. Comment below. Tell me what you think.