YSL Heels


Not a very long or in depth post tonight. I start school tomorrow. I might be slow on the posting for the next week. I only have three classes, on online, so I have plenty of out of class time, I just don’t know what my homework load is going to be like yet.


I like these shoes, but at the same time the scare me. I think that they have a very unique look to them as well as looking very elegant. However, they look so brittle! I would be scared I was going to either brake the heel off of my ankle! Haha. I do like somewhat, I just don’t think I would ever buy a pair. Though the cost along would make it so not worth it for me anyway. 🙂

Now it’s your turn.

What do you think about these super thin heels? Would you wear a pair? Do you already? What are some of your favorite, or least favorite, YSL shoes? Comment below.