Fashion Decades: 1920’s

Fashion in the 1920's
Fashion in the 1920’s by MaeGal
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I have to say, I love 20’s fashion. I think they twenties were amazing. I’m fairly certain that I may have had a past life in the 20’s. I think I died young. Yeah, I’ve been around for a while. ANYWAY, that’s a topic for another time. Back to fashion…

I love all the clothing from the twenties. They flapper dress, the hats, the simple kitten heels, the beaded bags, the “chain” bags. I love it all. It was such a defined and glamorous style in my eyes.

One things from the twenties that I really like, the hats. They were great. Hats got better a little later on, but still. I sooo want hats to come back into style. Like the hats with mesh cover and what not. Just you wait…they’ll be back, and I’ll be the first to have one. My mom has some vintage ones, but they are two old to wear. I would be afraid I would ruin them.

Now it’s your turn.
What do you think about the 20’s style? What do you think about older style hats? Would you wear anything from this era, vintage or redone? Comment below.


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  1. omg i feel the same way. i’ll watch ANYTHING [tv, movies] in the 20s just for the costume. like Chicago

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