Trend Alert: Animal Face Shirts

Shirts with animal faces printed on them seem to be very much in style right now. Gorillas, leopard, zebra, you name it, it’s being worn. Celebrities like Taylor Swift and Megan Fox are some of many spotted wearing such shirts. It’s like a new twist on the whole animal print theme.
Below are three outfits that I have created showing you how to wear animal face shirts everyday. Enjoy. 🙂

Animal Face 1/3 (Gorilla)
Animal Face 1/3 (Gorilla) by MaeGal
[Gorilla top,; Heels,; Clutch,; plus makeup and jewelry.]

Animal Faces 2/3 (Zebra)
Animal Faces 2/3 (Zebra) by MaeGal
[Zebra top,; Pumps,; Clutch,; Leggings,; plus makeup and jewelry.]

Animal Faces 3/3 (Leopard)
Animal Faces 3/3 (Leopard) by MaeGal
[Leopard top,; Jacket,; Jeans,; Heels,; Clutch,; plus makeup and jewelry.]

Now it’s your turn.
What do you think? Would you wear animal face shirts? How would you wear them? Comment below.


2 thoughts on “Trend Alert: Animal Face Shirts

  1. i just came across ur blog when i googles “brown leather jacket outfits” for ideas for my new jacket. iv posted some comments tonight under anonymous. love ur blog. i have my boho side and my cute/trendy side. this blog has very happily satisfied my cute/trendy side. idea—u should comment on the hippie/horizontal headband trend.

  2. Thank you! :)Yeah, I should. That’s for the suggestion. If I get my shit together, perhaps I will do that. Thanks.<3Mae

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