Trned Alert: Plaid/ Tartan

Plaid slash tartan clothing are very in style right now. People all over are wearing it, giving the traditional cowboy shirt a run for it’s money. While the most frequent of these patterns is bought as a shirt, dressed, skirts, shoes, jacket and basically everything can be found in plaid.
Plaid is a fairly versatile fabric. Though I haven’t seen it pulled off as super fancy, it can be dressed up a bit. It is mostly just a casual something, however.
The two sets below show examples of how you could wear plaid.

I personally own two plaid tops. One is an older light blue top from the depths of my moms closet. I wear it opened a bit with a belt and a statement necklace. The second top I own I just got for my birthday. It’s black, white and red, my three favorite colors. It was from Forever 21. It’s nice with a belt for school.

1) This first look casual for a day on the town or perhaps school. The jewlery and clutch might be a bit much for some as a school looks, but it’s pretty wearable for a day on the town. Simple, cute and functional.

2) This second look is more of a fancy occasion. This isn’t something you would wear to a formal dinner, but perhaps a lunch date or a more casual dinner. The dress is simple with a nice defined waist. The accessories add to the dress.

Items in this set: dress, $26 shoes, $27
Miss Selfridge clutch, 22 GBP
1928 bracelet, $24
Miss Selfridge earrings, 5 GBP

Now it’s your turn.
Do you own any plaid? How to you feel about this trend? Comment below and let me know!


6 thoughts on “Trned Alert: Plaid/ Tartan

  1. hello again.just an observation i noticed:i personally can dress very boho [notta a hardcore hippie, but…] and i noticed that as the school year progressed, and winter/autumn weather settled in more and more, by boho-ness faded. i realized that all my bohemian styled pieces [mainly tops] are really only suitable for warm i wondered, “is there a way to be a little bohemian in cold weather?”…

  2. Hi,I guess my only advise is to layer! Layering seems to be pretty “in” right now, so why not a layered boho look? I’m not sure how it would work, figure it out and let me know! :)<3MAe

  3. well,i guess one of my tops i could wear a long sleeve tee underneath, and wear a sweater or jacket and lightwash jeans and my choc.brown uggs… i do like the layering look, but last time i layered a lot [sirt, shirt, sweater, jacket] my mom said it looked like i stole the clothes

  4. That seems reasonable.I’m not too good with layer. I don’t get too complicated with my layering. (Tank top, tee shirt, cardigan, jacket.) But as long as you don’t look like you stole the clothes, you should be fine. ;)If you want, feel free to take a picture of your outfit and send it to me (comment or email) and I’ll let you know what I think! :)<3Mae

  5. Love that plaid dress outfit! I only have one plaid top from anthropologie, but it has more of a western feel to it as opposed to a punk-ish look. My only complaint about the trend is that some of the plaid fabric looks so cheap. I’m all about cheap (afterall, I’m a penniless student!), but with the price, not the look! 🙂

  6. I completely agree. I was going to buy a plaid top from the Miley Cyrus and Max Azria line at Walmart, because it was cheap, but it WAS cheap. Not just cost wise, it was super thin material and just looked tacky.Thanks for the comment. :)<3Mae

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