Trend Alert: Striped Skirts

Hi, guys.
It’s been a while, I know. Life has ways of becoming insane rapidly. Anyway, here. Have a post. 🙂

As you may or may not know, horizontal, thin striped (generally black a white) shirts are fairly common to see among the crowds. As well as striped tops being in style, now striped skirts are in style. Check out the set below for an example of how to wear such skirts. Enjoy. 🙂

I’ve paired the striped skirt below with a cute red tank top, black cropped blazer and cute red/black heels. Add a studded clutch, chain necklace, a little make up and your good to go!

Items in this set:
Pleasure Doing Business Skirt, unknown price.
Forever21 top, $8.80
Forever21 jacket, $30 shoes, $34
Miss Selfridge clutch, 20 GBP necklace, $20


4 thoughts on “Trend Alert: Striped Skirts

  1. Hey Mae! Loving the transformation of the blog – and that outfit is adorable. I’m a huge fan of red, white and black anyway, but those shoes have me swooning! x

  2. Thanks, and I’m a big black, white and red girl, too. 🙂 I love those shoes, as well. 🙂

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