Trend Alert: Cropped Jeans

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The flood is coming! Yep, cropped jeans are in for 2009. I’ve never been fond of too-short jeans, until now. The key to making your look appear stylish rather than frumpy is one simple thing; the cropped jean MUST be fairly tight on your calf muscle. If it is too loose, you will end up looking like the stereotypical geek waiting for the flood to come. The two examples below show how to wear cropped jeans.

1) Try pairing a pair of cropped jeans, loose fitting at the top, with a slub tank top for a more casual and relaxed look. Heels will help dress it up enough to make this remain stylish. Add a cute hat, bangles, earrings and ring to add interest. Polish off your look with simple makeup.

Cropped Jeans (1/2)

2) For a bit more of a dressed up look, pair cropped jeans with a simple t-shirt. Add accessories to compliment the outfit. Simple makeup and nails will do nicely with this look, so don’t over do it. Add a pair of cute leopard print flats to finish the look.

Cropped Jeans (2/2)

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Do you like the cropped jean trend? Would you wear cropped jeans?


9 thoughts on “Trend Alert: Cropped Jeans

  1. I would totally wear cropped jeans – I actually have a sneaky fondness for cropped trousers because they show off my skinny ankles and my ankle tattoo. Yay!

  2. Well if you have skinny ankles and an ankle tattoo, you must wear them! šŸ™‚ Hehe.Thanks for the comment.

  3. Great outfits. I’m not much of a skinny jean fan because they make me look anything but. Oh but if I could, these two outfits would be my new go-tos. PS, I can totally see Amy Winehouse wearing the second outfit!

  4. I do love cropped jeans. I never thought they would work for me, but you’re right, the tighter they are to the calf, the better. They are a lifesaver in the spring and summer heat.

  5. Cropped jeans are the future! These looks are super awesome and totally wearable. Plus it solves the issue of long jeans dragging through puddles on a rainy day.xoxo

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