Trend Alert: Hot Accessories

They were hot in the Fall, but they continue to be hot on into Winter. These accessories do wonders to your look. Thin belts, fringe bags, studded bags, oversized bags, fedoras and geek glasses are all great accessories to own this season. They would make great holiday gifts for your friends!
Below are some examples of all of these products. I’ll show you a “save”, “splurge” and in-between option for all of the must have accessories. There are many options, but these are some I have found.

Geek Glasses

Fedoras/ Menswear Hats

Slim Belts

Chanel Style Bags

Studded Bags

Fringe Bags

What do you think?
Do you like these accessories? Would you wear any of the above listed?


2 thoughts on “Trend Alert: Hot Accessories

  1. hellohavnt visited in a while. fringe is pretty big at my school right now. it hit really hard last school year when everyone was getting their pocohontas fringe boots, but its settled down a little. geek glasses–funny and cute. i dont think id ever try them [or be able to pull them off] but theyr cute.

  2. I’m the same way.I love geek glasses, but I just look ridiculous in them. Haha.Glad to have you back and commenting away! 🙂

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