Polyvore Interview With…pushthesenses!

about pushthesenses.
Hi! My name’s Siobhan. I’m a twenty year old English girl who is currently studying photojournalism in university. My hobbies include (but aren’t limited to) photography, sketching, tennis and video gaming.Is that classed as a hobby? Nevermind! I love Italian food and I love to travel and I’m lucky enough to have been a number of really awesome places such as the Rocky Mountains, New York, Las Vegas, Paris and Rome. I’m friendly, you should drop me a note to say hi :]

pushthesenses sense of fashion/style.
To say I have a sense of fashion is craaazy. I like to think I dress whimsically? I love vintage styles, especially the 1940s Hollywood glamour. I throw things together, anything I feel and add my own signature touch to my outfits, whether it be a cameo brooch or a fun hairclip. If anything, my wardrobe would have to be considered alternative; I love quirky military jackets and Converse. They’re so stylish! I’m a total eclectic.

pushthesenses interest in fashion.
I’ve always been interested in fashion but my early teens when I discovered my love of photography and started to watch America’s Next Top Model. As for Polyvore, two years ago.

pushthesenses inspiration.
Mmm music! Huge part of my life, music definitely reflects my mood. As for Polyvore, I ALWAYS start with picking out a shirt first. I then go for a jacket, pants of skirt, accessories and then finally, the most important thing, the superawesome shoes. I often rely on my trusty iTunes to help me out, whatever song I have on repeat that day, that’s my inspiration.

pushthesenses three favorite sets of hers.

Walkin' in a winter wonderland.

Romance in Paris.

Hip to hip. [Eleanor teen]

One of pushthesenses favorite sets of mine.

2009 Trend: Bright Gloves (2)
I love your placement of items! [Thanks!]


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  1. pushthesenses, LOVE your sets. so pretty/chic/well coordinated/colorful/etc. i esp love the cream colored furry one and the pink frilly budoir-ish one B-)

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