Merry Chrisanaknza! :)

Hello all!
Well, I’m just about off to bed. I need to get to sleep so Santa can come and fill my stockings and bring a gift or two. 😉
Sorry about the lack of activity lately. Enjoy these sets that I made up.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Solstice and Happy New Year!

1) Have ugly old Christmas sweaters lying around? Try something like this to make them almost acceptable! 🙂 Perhaps something for a lazy holiday day.

Christmas Sweater
Items in this set:

2) Christmas morning perhaps? I don’t wear pjs Christmas morning anymore, times have changed. I still felt like making a pj Christmas morning set. 🙂

Christmas Morning

Items in this set:

3) Just a little something for a New Years Eve party, perhaps? Or a nice Christmas dinner. Gold is going to be very in for 2010, just you wait and see. 🙂

New Years Eve
Items in this set: