Oscar Red Carpet 210 – Best & Worst Dressed

Oscar Red Carpet Best & Worst Dressed 2010

Best Dressed

1. Jennifer Lopez – Crisp, architectural, flatters her well. (Though it kind of reminds me of a wedding dress.)
2. Rachel McAdams – Flowy, gorgeous, summer.
3. Kristen Stewart – Classic, gorgeous, figure flattering.
4. Carey Mulligan – Classic with a twist, fits her hair well.
5. Cameron Diaz – Simple yet gorgeous, flattering.
6. Anna Kendrick – Flowy, summer gorgeous color.

Worst Dressed

1. Nicole Richie – Horrible color, shapeless, not a good dress. (Though its growing on me. :S )
2. Sarah Jessica Parker – Not flattering to your figure, misunderstood.
3. Charlize Theron – Nice shape and color, but the breast cinnamon rolls aren’t great.
4. Vera Farmiga – It’s neat dress, just too many layers.

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