Designer Spotlight: Charlotte Ronson

Charlotte Ronson is probably one of my favorite designers. She isn’t as well know as others, but that doesn’t make her any less of a designer. I feel that her runway looks are much more practical and wearable than other runway designers. She uses a muted color palette with punches of color, for the most part. She seems to be aware of trends and shows them on the runway, yet she always adds her own twist as to not blend in with other designers. Though all of her pieces are way out of my price range, her prices are very reasonable for a runway designer.
Her Spring 2010 RTW collection was a great example of how she takes the trends, but makes them her own. She uses a fabric that looks like floral, but in fact is not. Her sheer tops and denim follow the trends, but look different than other designers, to me anyway.
My favorite looks from her Spring 2010 RTW collection is definitely the top right side look. I absolutely adore everything about that look. The way the tank top hangs, the pattern and length or the skirt, the embellished belt, the mesh leggings of sorts, and the shoes.

CR F10

Once again, we can see how she follows the trends in her own way. The first look show both the floral and nautical/horizontal stripes trend, yet she adds a twist which makes in look unique and her own. My favorite thing about her Fall 2010 RTW collection would have to be how truly wearable it all is. For instance, the white jacket in the bottom middle is very much something that could be taken right off the runway. If fact, that whole outfit could walk right off the runway and work wonderfully. What I love most about this collection is the bright satins. I find them so gorgeous. I think my favorite look, however, is the middle bottom look. I could picture myself wearing that. It’s stylish, yet so wearable.

What do you think?
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