How To Wear… Leggings

Leggings have been very popular for a couple seasons now. With some many styles, almost everyone can find a legging that they light. There are leggings with holes, sequins, leopard print, floral patterns, lace, faux leather, zippers and more.
Two or so years ago leggings were particularly popular under skirts. Now, leggings have evolved to be more commonly worn with a long shirt or short dress. I’m still fond of certain leggings with certain skirts, however.
The one thing I don’t like about leggings? When people think it’s okay to wear them as pants. Leggings and short shirts is not a look I’m particularly fond of. Especially when panty lines are present. Then the look is just super stunning. 😉

Enjoy these sets showing different ways one could possibly wear leggings. Some of these sets are old, some not down too well, but I hope you find them useful anyway.


Cape Coat (1)

Animal Faces 2/3 (Zebra)

Over the Knee Boots

[10.19.09: Serena Oaks] Quiet Night on the Town


What do you think?
Did you find this post at all helpful? Do you like leggings? What style do you own and how to you wear them? Comment below.


7 thoughts on “How To Wear… Leggings

  1. I like leggings with slouchy jumper dresses and knee high boots for winter and could be persuaded to add a long plaid shirt dress for spring – I’d be keeping it casual.

  2. I’m so with you on the need to wear a skirt or longer line top/dress over!! That’s how I wear leggings 🙂

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