Inspired By: Alice In Wonderland

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (commonly shortened to Alice in Wonderland) is an 1865 novel written by English author Charles Lutwidge Dodgson under the pseudonym Lewis Carroll. There have been many film adaptations and various works based of this novel. Music, computer games, books, television series, movie and more. For a complete this of works inspired by Alice in Wonderland check out THIS website.

Probably the most famous adaptations of this novel are the 1951 and 2010 films. It is from these two films that I draw my inspiration for these outfits.

Inspired Look 1.
This look follows the basic color theme of Alice’s outfit. I has the light blue, white and even the black bow and shoes. This look is more modern and wearable than Alice’s dress and sash.

AIWL: Look 1
[Items in this set: Pale Blue Chiffon Top, 18 GBP; White
Shorts, $18; Lace Up Flats, $23; Chunky Bow Bangle, $12]

Inspired Look 2.
Like this first look, this look uses the same light blue, white and black color theme. The bow Alice wears in her hair appears as earring and a clutch here. This look is stylish and casual.

AIWL: Look 2
[Items in this set: Grommet Trim Tank, $13; Blue Skinny Jean, $15;
Black Converse, $45; Bow Stud Bag, 19 GBP; Black Bow Earrings, $30]

Costume Idea.
Need a costume idea? Why not dress up as Alice. You could go out and buy an Alice costume, or you could do something like this. Try a blue dress with a white stub tank top/apron/dress over it. Accessorize the look with black flats, black bow headband, white tights. Viola, your Alice.

AIWL: Costume
[Items in this set: Blue Sleeved Tunic, 25 GBP; Black Strap Flats, 15 GBP;
White Slub Tank, $14; Black Bow Headband, $3.80; White Tights, $10]

Have you seen the new Alice in Wonderland film? Do you like Alice?