Trend Alert: Riding Boots

Riding boots were originally designed for just that, riding. What began as simply boots to wear while riding your ‘noble stead’ –I just watched Shrek the other day– has turned into a trend to wear every day. The style of the boots have been slightly modified to fit the more stylish side of fashion as suppose to the practical side of equestrian.

Riding boots are fairly versatile for casual events. I’m not sure even the most streamlined riding boots would be suitable for a more formal occasion. Riding boots can be worn over jeans, with dresses and perhaps even a skirt. Riding boots seem very much like cowboy boots to me, but more…European than Western, if you will?

Check out the example below to see how I think wearing riding boots with a floral dress would look super cute.


Now it’s your turn.
Would you wear riding boots? Do you own any?


3 thoughts on “Trend Alert: Riding Boots

  1. i do like this trend for the most part. iv seen it pulled off well [and then a couple misfires]. as someone who actually used to ride horses, its hard for me to consider cowboy boots and english riding boots [which r wut the riding boot trend r] identicle, or really that similar. but thats just me.dont own any, but have considered it. i think they can be pretty cute. the boots in ur set do remind me more of cowboy boots. in my opinion, the riding boot trend r the structures, hard leather, round-toed english tall boot, like the other 2.

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