Trend Alert: Animal Jewelry

Several posts ago I talked about how owls were taking over [Owls]. But it was brought to my attention that owls aren’t the only animal becoming a trend. Nearly every animal is becoming a trend, a part of the animal jewelry trend that seems to be in full swing.

Insects, elephants, wolves, frogs, owls, orca whales and so many more animals are being featured as jewelry. Though there are –obviously– many different ways you could wear such jewelry, I’ve posed an example below showing how I would showcase an animal bracelet. Against the black backdrop, the lizard bracelet would really pop about become a statement –I talked about statement jewelery a while back [Statement Jewelry]–.

Enjoy this set and remember, there are many ways to wear this trend! If you need help thinking of how to wear your animal jewelry, comment below. Perhaps I’ll make a “how to wear” post.


LBD, lizard.
[Items in this set: Rouched Dress, 21 GBP; Bejeweled Pump, $23;
Black Satin Clutch, $43; Gold Studded Lizard Bracelet, $60]

Now it’s your turn.
Do you like this trend? Do you own any animal jewelry?

Thanks to ‘Anonymous’ for the post idea.


5 thoughts on “Trend Alert: Animal Jewelry

  1. I think the animal trend is perfect with a simple outfit because it highlights it.heyy, i’m always looking for new ways to dress up a white tee and jeans. This is my daily outfit when I’m on the go, love your sense of style and wanted to see what you would do. I did a post on this as well. ThanksCheck it out at

  2. Aw, I love this trend! I have a silver snake ring, but it’s on the small side, so it’s not really a statement piece. I’ll keep my eyes open for more. 🙂 Cute blog by the way.

  3. Thanks!And I would so love to have that ring.I saw a spider ring the other day. It was huge and awesome, but I didn’t get it.

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