Trend Alert: Tiered Skirts

Long time, no real post, eh? First off, I’m sorry about that. I’ll try and get back in the swing of things. I’m a Senior, so life was a little hectic there for a while. I have 2 weeks left, but it looks like pretty smooth sailing from here on out. I’m officially done with all my High School graduation requirements, now I just have to finish up my college classes and graduate! =)

Tiered skirts are way in for this spring/summer. I find it interesting because I had a tiered skirt back in 7th grade that I loved, but no one was wearing them. Not wanting to stick out, I got rid of it. Now they’re in style. I was so ahead of the times. Haa.

Tiered skirts are great for almost every body type, in my opinion. On slender people, they can look cute and flirty while adding curves. On girls like myself with a lot of hip and some thigh, tiered skirts can help camouflage these areas while still looking playful. On girls with larger tops and smaller bottoms, these skirts can help balance out your top and bottom. On plus size girls, you have to be careful not to get too much volume on the bottom, but for the most part, I think these skirts would looks great on your body, too.

Check out this set for an example of how I would think of wearing a tiered skirt.

Do you like tiered skirts? Would you wear one? Do you own one?
If you do, link a picture of yourself wearing your skirt below!


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