Steve Madden Pre-Fall

I love Steve Madden shoes. They call to me all the the way across a store. It’s really amazing. I like pretty much all of his shoes. Even if I wouldn’t personally wear them, I still admire and love them greatly.

Sadly, even with all this love, I don’t own any Steve Madden shoes. My sister owns a pair, though. It’s rather sad because I often find his shoes in Plato’s Closet (a brand name consignment shop). I really do need a pair.

I was on his website and saw all the lovely shoes from his Pre-Fall line. If I were forced to choose, because being forced to choose Steve Madden shoes is sooo horrible, these would be my top three picks.

I like these because they are your classic black pump,
but then the have a very modern bow and ankle detailing.

I like these because the are a nice, classic pump in
a great nude shade perfect for the nude pump trend.

I like these because I’ve always been fond of tie boots,
but I’ve never owned a pair. I like the rocker edge they have.

Tell me!
So, what are you favorite Steve Madden shoes?

I don’t know when it expires (it might have already), but if you enter the code: SMFREESHIP at the checkout you get
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  1. i also love steve madden [and madden girl] shoes. theyr always my favroites at marhsals when they have them, and i can always find shoes i love in the store.i like the oxfords.|womens%20shoes|womens%20oxfords||womens%20shoes|womens%20oxfords|and boots|womens%20shoes|womens%20boots|all%20boots|

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