One Skirt, Three Ways (& Announcements)

So, yesterday I went out to dinner with my family, so I “dressed up”. I wore the second outfit, which really isn’t that dressy, but nothing in my town is. Haa.
While I was dressing, I decided to take two more pictures of other possible outfits with this skirt. I changed up my hair because I felt like it.

… my face. I was makeup-less, and it wasn’t really a good day to be so.
… the quality of my photos. I had to use my old digital camera, because I’m waiting on a new one. My old new camera was stolen. =(

GIVEAWAY IS COMING WEDNESDAY! I have the video filmed, I just have to get ready, type up the details, and so forth. Yay for finally doing it!
Sorry about the lack of posts, I’ll be getting back into it here shortly. O.o

Outfit One: Nicer dinner? What occasion who you wear this outfit to?

Black Ruffle Top – Walmart, $3.00
Striped Black Skirt- Forever 21, $8.00
Black Flats – Goodwill, $7.00

Outfit Two: Casual day? What occasion would you wear this outfit for?

Black Tank Top – Anchor Blue, $5.00
Olive Green Jacket – Goodwill, $6.00
Striped Black Skirt – Forever 21, $8.00
Black Flats – Good Will, $7.00

Outfit Three: Club with friends? What occasion would you wear this for?

Black Tank Top – Anchor Blue, $5.00
Long Gold Necklace- Forever 21, $6.00 (?)
Striped Black Skirt – Forever 21, $8.00
Black Paten Heels – Payless, $16.00 (?)

Today I wore this skirt again, with electric blue Converse, a white shirt, and a detailed black vest. I should take a picture for you all, because it looked different from the three above (where the skirt is worn in a very similar way), but I didn’t.

Thanks for hanging in there with my udder laziness! đŸ˜‰