Neon [By Stacy]

Why, hullo again. It’s a new year, and designers have taken note by injecting color into their spring/summer collections. And it isn’t just in accessories or shoes or makeup or what have you. The models were quite literally walking blocks of color. It’s so refreshing! Don’t get me wrong, last season’s minimalism was also much-needed, and is still very much big, but there’s something amazing about losing your fear of color.

1. Proenza Schouler- This is probably the best example of ways to incorporate bright colors into your life. The orange and pink of the dress are curbed by the simple cut and the black trim around the neck. You can do the same by choosing neutrals to pair with your neons.

2. Christopher Kane- The Day-Glo vinyl lace that was prominent throughout this entire collection got me thinking about loud prints. You can incorporate them into accessories such as scarves, purses, and jewelery for everyday wear (most people can’t pull off mixing prints which is perfectly understandable).

3. Christian Dior- I like the idea of a block of color, but if you’re going to do that you’ll need a relief of skin. Just remember to only choose certain areas and not everything showing at once. A little mystery isn’t harmful. Also, don’t be afraid of contrasting colors! You don’t have to look like you’re in elementary school if you’re smart about how much you use in an outfit.

4. Miu Miu- Like the Proenza Schouler dress, this lovely look from Miu Miu pulls off a loud color by keeping a demure silhouette and mixing it with neutral blocks of color.

5. Jil Sander- This collection at Jil Sander was the crown jewel of neon clothing with a minimalist tendency. The clothes themselves are very cleanly cut and undecorated, but go to a whole other level with the splashes of color put into them. While it may be hard to wear orange pants, that blue coat or pink shirt could work very well with tailored trousers and a killer set of heels.

6. Vivienne Westwood- I was just rather excited by this. Wearing variations of one color is called tonal dressing, which is rather difficult to wear. Breaking up colors, on the other hand, is very simple to learn how to do.

Now, I’ve no clue how long neon is going to stay with us, but I rather hope it’s a long time. It’s actually an easy trend to incorporate into your closet, allowing you the option of being louder than life or a bit player strutting your stuff.


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