Getting Back On Track

The sad thing about changing all of my blogs into one URL is that I may have transferred all the posts and comments from my other blogs, but I can’t transfer followers. I only have 2 followers on this blog so far via Google Friend Connect. On my other blogs I had 130+ and 58. None of those followers have seemed to move over. Hopefully having a review and giveaway soon (as soon as I get my self pulled together) will gain me some more followers.

And a little note to any PR people who may read this, I will post on my old blogs directing traffic here to any posts/reviews/giveaways I do for you so that you have my full audience. (Until I have ample followers here.)

And a note to my followers, I will anyways let you know in the post if I received products for review, if the post is paid for, and so forth.

Things to look for in the near future…

– Review/giveaway for “You Can Do A Graphic Novel”
– Review/giveaway for another product, hopefully, if I haven’t procrastinated too long
– Fashion posts, I’ve missed them some
– Perhaps some makeup related posts, reviews/overviews of products
– I’d like to post some baking/cooking posts, we shall see

On the upside, this coming school year (September 2011), I will be living on campus in a dorm still, BUT I will have a single room to myself. Hopefully this will give me more alone time and allow me to post more on this blog as well as create more videos for my YouTube account (maybe even kick off my second YouTube account that’s just sitting there.)

Thank you to those of you who have stuck by me though all the chaos, and welcome to those you are new. I really do appreciate you reading and supporting what I do. It means a lot.


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