Living: Empire Patio Covers – Review

Recently I was sent one of Empire Covers’ Patio Furniture Covers for review. I chose to review one of the Patio Table Covers, specifically one that covers the table as well as the chairs around it. If you are looking to cover your patio furniture, car, RV, anything, be sure to check out Empire Covers for great prices on a variety of covers.

Read on for the review of this product.


I quite like this product. It was fairly easy to put on the table, I like the neutral color I chose, and the fabric seems to be quite durable. Our patio furniture isn’t the nicest, but if I had nice patio furniture, I would definitely buy a cover for all of it. The covers are affordable and would help to kept my furniture nice during the winter so I can bring it back out in the summer.

Some facts about Empire Patio Covers:
• They come in three colors: Classic N (the color I chose), Hunter Green, and Metro Brown (a striped pattern).
• They have patio covers for; chairs, sofas, chaise lounges, square tables, round tables, oval tables, ottomans, table & chair sets, coffee tables, umbrellas, hot tubs, grills & BBQs, fire pits, fountains, cushion storage, log racks, and air conditioners.
• Waterproof
• All patio covers are under $120.

One downside to this review is that either I ordered a too big of a cover, so I was sent to wrong size. The cover I tried is much larger than the table and chairs we have on our deck. However, it actually worked out just fine. We can now also cover two extra chairs that live of the deck. Now all of our patio furniture can be covered and kept nice until next summer.

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Thank you to Caleb from Empire Covers for sending me the cover to review! All opinions are my own and have no been influenced.