Fashion: Fall 2011 Trend – Peplum Waist

Peplum Waist
The peplum waist look is going to be fairly significant trend with Fall. From the extemely exaggerated look of a peplum dress, to the more casual look of peplum waist top. The peplum look is a great way to add romantic, feminine ruffles your look. The most noticeable use for peplum is to exaggerate your hips, giving a more hourglass-like figure.
This look might not suit everyone, but given the right person, I know I could learn to like this trend.

Read on to learn how you can add the peplum waist to your Fall 2011 wardrobe.

Lunch Meet:

Try wearing this peplum style top if you’re looking for that flared hip look, but in a more casual, everyday sense. Here I’ve paired a simple blue peplum top with black skinnies and cute flats.
Peplum Waist: 2
Dinner Date:
For a very noticeable peplum waist, try out this dress. The 2 tired ruffles around the waist will give you fabulous curves. If you’re like me and don’t care to bring that much attention to your hips, try a simple peplum waist skirt or top, like the first example.
Peplum Waist: 1

Would YOU wear a peplum waist?
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