Beauty: Tip Tuesday – Milk of Magnesia for Acne

Milk of Magnesia clears up back acne? Why, yes, it does! Read more to learn how using Milk of Magnesia cleared up all of my sisters’ back acne, and share your stories with me in the comments. 
Enjoy this helpful “Tip Tuesday”!

 Back Acne

My sister had really bad back acne, which was quite unfortunate and unappealing. It prevented her from comfortably wearing anything that exposed her back. My mom read about it first in our local newspaper. So we gave it a try.
It worked AMAZINGLY. I almost wish we had taken before and after pictures. We wold have had we known it would have worked so well.
My mom applied it to her back acne area every night and in about 2 weeks or so, her acne started to clear up. After about a month, her back was looking flawless. She started to apply it every other day, and now she applies it about once a week to keep the acne away.
Face Acne
I haven’t tried this on my face before, but I imagine the results would be similir. Comment below and let me know if you’ve ever tried this on your face. Tell me how it worked for you!
I’ve decided that I’m going to start a weekly “Tip Tuesday” post. It will be a fashion tip, a beauty tip, a living tip or maybe even a reading tip. I hope I keep up with it and I hope you find these tips useful.
Have YOU ever tried Milk of Magnesia as an acne cure? 
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