Reading: Tip Tuesday- Save Money on Books

Read more to see what my tips for saving money on books are! See if you can save some money the next time you go out book shopping. Leave a comment and let me know how you save on books.

Tip 1: Buy Used
Buy used! Buying used books is a great way to save money and reuse abandoned books. There are so many places that you can buy used books. Second hand stores (Good Will, Value Village, etc.), online (Amazon, Used Section) and even at local garage sales.

Tip 2: Look for Sales & Discounts
Frequently big bookstore chains will have sales, such as Barnes & Nobel. Be sure to also check out possible sales at your local bookstores. Online book clubs can be a great way to buy books at a discounted price.

Economy & Environmentally Friendly Tip: Shop Locally
Support your local economy by buying books at your local bookstores. This also helps you protect the environment by eliminating the negative environmental impacts involved with having a book shipped to you.

How do YOU save money on books?
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