Living: Tip Tuesday- Clean Your House with White Distilled Vinegar

White Distilled Vinegar is a great environmental conscious way to clean your house! Read more to learn 1001 ways you can use white distilled vinegar to clean your home. Throw out your current household cleaner and switch to this less expensive, more ecofriendly household cleaner.

I was going to share with you the ONE ‘recipe’ I know for using white vinegar as a natural, ecofriendly, inexpensive household cleaner…but then I found this website with 1001 ways to use vinegar, so I thought I’d share that link with you.

I hope you enjoy it, and perhaps you can even try it out for yourselves. If you do try, or if you have done so in the past, or if you currently do use any of these recipes for cleaning, comment below and let me know YOUR experience!