30 Day Challenge: Day 3 – Your Top 5 Pet Peeves

Pet Peeves

Read more to learn about my top 5 pet peeves, and share yours in the comments below.

 Day 3 – Your top 5 pet peeves

I know I have a lot of pet peeves, and definitely more than 5. I’m having a hard time thinking of them all right now, though. But here goes. My top 5 pet peeves, that I thought of are;

  1. Drivers who don’t signal, make a free right, pull out in front of me going 10 under, or otherwise bother me while I’m driving.
  2. People who eat loudly/with their mouth open.
  3. Annoying girls. Screaming, squeaking, otherwise annoying me and everyone else.
  4. People who “talllkkk lyke dis” and think they look cool, and other grammar/spelling infractions.
  5. I only have about a hundred more. But, pet peeve number 5: not being able to remember things when I want to.

What are YOUR top 5 pet peeves? Or, bold the list like I did!
Comment below, let me know.