Living: Tip Tuesday- Studying

Image © Louchiere

It’s that time of the quarter where I am bombarded with finals. This quarter I have three, nicely spread out though the week, thankfully. Read more to learn some of mystudy tips. I’m terrible at following them, but I sometimes try.

When it comes to studying, I am horrible. I still like to think I’m in middle school and can get by from doing no studying. However, that is no longer the case. In university you are actually expected to study. This is my second year in university and my fourth year in post secondary education (I took two years of college during my 11th and 12th grades, I hated high school).

It’s a bit late to follow some of them for this quarter, but perhaps I’ll do better next time and follow my own tips. I follow some, but not all. Here are some tips I’ve learned;

  • Start early! This is my biggest issue. If you start studying early and do a little bit at a time it is far less overwhelming. (I have a test tomorrow that I haven’t even begun to study for. Had I started earlier, I would be a lot less stress right now and wouldn’t have to spend 80% of today studying.)
  • Stay healthy! This is the one tip that I do follow. Just because you’re studying hard doesn’t mean you get to ignore your needs. Make sure you are getting enough sleep (8 hours is recommended), eating well, and staying hydrated with lots of water. Keep your brain and body healthy and awake so you can do your best on tests and with studying.
  • Take breaks! Don’t overwhelm your brain with constant studying. You need to take a couple minutes to breathe every now and them. (But make sure you don’t get too distracted! This is a big problem for me.)
  • Turn off the computer/TV! One of my biggest problems is my addiction to the internet. (For example, right now I’m writing this post while I should be studying. But after this is published, I will be pushing my computer away, turning on some soft music, and getting to work.) If you are having too easy a time getting distracted (happens for me often) try changing venues. (If I can’t stay focused, I plan to head to the library where I will have none of the distractions that my room brings me.)
  • Breathe! Remember, college is important, but if you don’t do well on a test, or in a class, it is not the end of the world. You can always do better next quarter to raise your GPA, or retake the class if you need to. It’s frustrating at the time, but college is such a small part of your life. Once you have a career, this phase will be just that, a small phase in your life.

Thank you to my boyfriend who calmed me down and talked with me while I was having a melt down for a ridiculous about of time last night. I love you so much.
(Even though he is unaware of this blogs existance. My internet life and real life are almost 100% divided. Haa.)

And now I’m off to study for the rest of the day, probably. Procrastination is rough. 😉

What are some of YOUR study tips? Comment below!
Or, if you’re not in school or don’t have any study tips, what are some tips you have to relieve stress?