30 Day Challenge: Day 6- Your Zodiac Sign &…

Image © Spartsam

Read more to learn what my zodiac sign is and if I feel I fit it or not. Then leave a comment telling me yours and whether or not you feel it fits who you are!

Day 6 – Your zodiac sign and if you think it fits your personality

My zodiac sign is Scorpio.
Based on everything I’ve ever read about Scorpios, I’d say I fit it quite well. Obviously I don’t fit it 100% (I don’t think anyone fits theirs all of the way), but I fit mine pretty darn well.

I fit pretty darn well when I comes to elements, colors and things like that. It’s pretty impressive.

Here are some Scorpio traits I fit based on THIS website;

  • Determined and forceful
  • Emotional and intuitive
  • Powerful and passionate
  • Exciting and magnetic

On the dark side…

  • Jealous and resentful
  • Compulsive and obsessive
  • Secretive and obstinate


  • Truth
  • Hidden causes
  • Being involved
  • Work that is meaningful
  • Being persuasive


  • Being given only surface data
  • Being taken advantage of
  • Demeaning jobs
  • Shallow relationships

What is YOUR zodiac sign, do you think it fits you?
Comment below, let me know!