30 Day Challenge: Day 7- Your Favorite Childhood Toys

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Read more to learn about my favorite childhood toys, and comment below sharing your own!

 Day 7 – Your favorite childhood toys

My sister and I were obsessed with our dolls. We each had several dolls (though some were more like stuffed animals). We had them attend school where I was always the teacher, we had them go out on dates, everything.
My favorite doll would have to be the one that I still own, even after giving away all my other dolls to GoodWill (I hope whoever bought them loved them as much as I did). My favorite doll was a Chou Chou Doll. I don’t even know if them make them anymore, but between my sister and I we own three. They are super lifelike in their weight and the look pretty good, with soft bodies.
Sadly, when we went to buy a fourth, a while after my sister bought her second, we found that they were making them differently and the bodies were no longer plump and more realistic, they were thin and unhealthy looking.

For not really toys that we played with, we loved playing with our chickens. Because we handled them from the hatching on, they were all super friendly. When we were older we also had ducks and turkeys on and off.

Another toy I loved was our playhouse. My dad is a construction worker/contracter, so he built my sister and I a two story playhouse with a slide coming down from the top level. The bottom level was our kitchen and dining room, while the top level was just another play area. It was and still is pretty darn awesome.
I hope that when we eventually have to sell our house, the people who buy it keep the playhouse and have children who can enjoy it as much as we did. (If not, it’d turn into an awesomely huge and covered shed. Haa.)

What are some of YOUR favorite childhood toys?
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