30 Day Challenge: Day 9- Your Dream Job

Image © tchor1974

What is my dream job? What are some of your dream jobs? Let me know, and read more to learn mine.

Day 9 – If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?

I want an empire.
Very outlandish dreams, but there it is.

I want this blog to remain and expand, I want a MaeGal fashion magazine, maybe other MaeGal magazines, a fashion line, a fashion retail store.

Perhaps a modeling agency (which would represent real girls with real bodies. If you’re naturally skinny, great. If you’re naturally curvy, great. If you’re naturally, short or tall or black or white or anything and everything in between. I want REAL girls to model for my clothes and company. There would be strict dieting guidelines to forbid girls from starving themselves to be skinny, or eating too much to be curvy. Be you WHO are.)

Some kind of photography involved in everything. I adore it, and miss that I don’t really do much photography anymore. Got my camera stolen once and it’s paranoid me into hardly using my new camera. Someday I’ll get over that.

I think there was more to my empire, but I don’t recall anything else at the moment.

More realistic dream:
work as an editor in a fashion magazine, I oddly think being an executive assistant/secretary would be awesome.

Who knows.

I’m majoring in Sociology, and you can do a lot with that.
We’ll see what my future brings. =)

What is YOUR dream job?
Comment below!