30 Day Challenge: Day 12- Bullet your whole day

Image © mariej

Read more to see what a day in my life is like. Mind you, I’m currently on Winter Break, so I have nothing to do and am taking advantage of that.
Comment below and bullet your day.

 Day 12 – Bullet your whole day

I’m currently on winter break, so my days are incredibly lazy. Haa. Here is my day (defining day as midnight to midnight):

  • 12AM-3AM: Messing around online, talking to my boyfriend, watching Hulu & YouTube
  • 3AM: Bedtime for me, I’m a night owl 
  • 12PM: Woke up to a text from my boyfriend
  • 12PM-12:30PM: Cuddled with my cat in bed, aww
  • 12:30PM-2PM: (Now) Watching HGTV, blogging, messing around online
  • The rest of my day will consist of the same. My mom and sister will be home later and then we might go into town to get a Christmas tree.