30 Day Challenge: Day 15- Fifteen Interesting Facts About Yourself

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Read more to read 15 interesting facts about me, and leave a comment below telling me 15 facts about you! I defined interesting loosing, but enjoy nevertheless.

Day 15 – Write 15 interesting facts about yourself

Writing about yourself it had, especially when I have to try and make them interesting facts. We’ll see how this goes. Haa.

  1. My graduated from high school at the same time as I graduated from a two year college program.
  2. I went to a boarding school in a foreign country during 10th grade.
  3. I have a half sister who is the age of my friends parents.
  4. My younger sister is my best friend.
  5. I love my boyfriend more than I ever thought possible.
  6. In my life I’ve had a total of (not all living at the same time); about 100 chickens, 5 ducks, 2 turkeys, 2 hermit crabs, 6 cats, 3 dogs and a hamster.
  7. I still sleep with my “blanky” almost every night.
  8. I am addicted to the internet.
  9. I’m majoring in Sociology. 
  10. I’ve lived in the same house my whole life, though I’ve lived in 3 different dorm situations.
  11. My two grandmothers are still alive. My grandfathers died at 91 and 92. I have good genes.
  12. I have a hard time getting close to people.
  13. I am very opinionated and passionate.
  14. I love TV and the internet.
  15. I hate listing interesting facts about myself because I don’t think I’m very interesting. 😛

What are YOUR 15 interesting facts?
Comment below!