Fashion: Greek Gods/Goddesses: Artemis

Greek Gods/Goddesses: Artemis
Image © Alman1962

I’ve brought back my Greed God/Goddess series. Read more to see the outfit I put together to represent Artemis; the goddess of animals, hunting, plague and childbirth.

Several months ago, perhaps even closer to a year ago I started a fashion series I called “Greek Gods/Goddesses”. I only ended up doing posts for Iris, Demeter, and Aphrodite before I just stopped. So I’ve decided to bring it back and try to polish the series off, starting with Artemis. Hopefully I’ll keep it up for a while.

Below is the look I put together to represent Artemis. Artemis is the goddess on animals, plague, childbirth and hunting. I’ve put pieces together to represent what Artemis stands for, as well as being a cute and fun outfit.

I chose the dress because the pattern looked like animal print and hunting to me. The represent plauge, I chose a black clutch. Black often represents death so it seemed fitting. Childbirth is shown very subtly in the lipstick color I chose, just a soft baby pint color.


Zipper dress, $29
Michael Antonio pumps, $45
Dorothy Perkins handbag, $27
Jane Norman earrings, £8
Club Manhattan ring, €18

What do you think of the nude pumps? Would you wear nude pumps?
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