RIP Computer

So my computer died. =/
I’m taking it to something on Friday to see if it can be fixed. I’m fairly sure I fried the hard drive, so I may just get a new one, but then again my laptop is pretty old and not in that good of shape aesthetically, so I may just go ahead and buy a new one (which kind of sucks as I’m a Mac person and MacBookPros, which is what I would get, are like $1500 after taxes and extras and such).
In other words, I will be far less active until this all gets sorted out.

  • I’m going to try and remember to end the current giveaway tomorrow after work (when I can get to a computer lab on campus).
  • I have a review and giveaway for that I’m going to try and get going as soon as I can for their sake, and yours. Yay for giveaways.
  • I’m participating in BlogMania 2012 and already have sponsors, so I can’t really back out now. That starts on the 25th of April and I really will try to get that up (as I can be letting sponsors down). Mind you my prize package won’t be huge or anything, but it’s something.

So, yeah. BUMMER.
Plus my computer is kind of like my child and I have a slight internet addiction. It’s only day two, but I’m already starting to feel it.

And on top of it all, I have three exams Monday and a paper and presentation Friday, so this is super awesome timing to not have constant access to a computer. I write papers at night at home! I’m not sure how to write them during the day at school. Haha.