Updates, Computer-Love is Back, Things to Look For

Just a short post to say I have my computer back. =D
I was right, I fried the HD. I now have a new one, with more memory, an updated operating system, and I now can use Google Chrome. Yay! Haha. And all for about a third of what I figured I’d end up paying, so hooray for that.

Things to look forward to in the somewhat near future:

  • BlogMania 2012 Giveaway Event starts Wednesday, April 25th (I plan on getting posted my spotlight posts for the event before then. It’ll be a small prize package, but worth it.)
  • Review and giveaway for MyFreshWaterPearls.com (Check them out, very nice.)
  • I think I’m going to remake my blog a bit, again. I may change my hosting to WordPress (the URL would stay the same but I’ll lose PR rank and what not, any thoughts? Should I do this?)
  • I’m also thinking of starting to post more personal blog type posts. My opinions and what not. I realize I’ll lose so followers, but that’s okay. And if my views do differ from yours, I understand if you don’t really feel the need to stick around, but I’d love to hear your (polite) side of the argument in the comment sections. 
…and now back to studying for THREE exams on the same day. I feel rather unprepared. Eeek.
(I think I’m going to use this fella, maybe. ^ What do you think?)