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This post brought to you by Whitney Farms. All opinions are 100% mine.

Whitney Farms® is a company that makes organic soil, Plant food, and Tomato and Vegetable food. Their products have no additives, nothing artificial and contain beneficial microbes, as well as being backed with over 25 years of experience. Advertisement

I currently live in an apartment while I am attending University, and based on what I’ve read, Whitney Farms would make the perfect organic soil for a large potted garden on my patio. It’s a bit too late for me to get around to it this year, but I think next year I’d love to have a small potted “garden” on the patio of the apartment I will be living at next year with my sister. At home we have amazing soil, but at my apartment with using the potting soil, I would love to be able to add Whitney Farm organic plant food to my little garden. It would help my plants grow nice and full. The idea of it all being organic is also a huge plus.

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I would ideally like to grown a very small vegetable potted garden; lettuce, raddishes, carrots, peas, things like that. (Perhaps I’ll need multiple pots.) They plants won’t be too big, but I image that with the help of the Tomate and Vegetable food, they will grow bigger and healthier and produce wonderful vegetables for my sister and I to snack on. I like the idea of using Whitney Farms plant food versus conventional plant food because it is organic, as well as highly effective.

I was thinking something a little like this for my potted garden:

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7 thoughts on “Whitney Farms Organic Potting Soil & Plant Food

  1. Thank you for sharing.. LOVE anything organic. Like Dee I am sooo behind this year. hmmm could it be my blogging? hmmThanks for the shout out on this product. Wonder if its in CANADA

  2. We are moving this summer and I want to start a garden at the new place. I’m sure this would help! Thank you for letting me know about the coupon as well.

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