Natural House: Moppy (Review and Giveaway)

Introducing the newest product in the line of natural cleaning products from Natural House, Moppy! Moppy is a probiotic cleaner that is designed to be used with traditional mops, but can also be poured into the refillable containers that come with other mopping systems.
Read on the see my review of Moppy, as well as entering for your chance to win your very own sample (30 day supply!) of Moppy.

Natural House is a line of natural household cleaning products that use natural probiotics to help keep your house clean and shine. I’ve done a review for Natural House before and was excited for this opportunity to review another one of their products. I had a great experience with the last set of products I reviewed (check out that review here), so as expected, Moppy was just a good.

From the Sponsor:
Moppy Probiotic Cleaning packet is a concentrated, professional-strength, all-natural floor cleaner. Powerful, plant derived scrubbing agents cut through dirt and lift grime from the floor. Moppy’s probiotics remain on the surface to help maintain a germ-free and odor-free household. Moppy is safe to use on multiple surfaces including high-gloss surfaces, terrazzo, marble, slate, vinyl, tile, and finished hardwood surfaces. Use weekly to promote a healthy and safe home!

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Now I didn’t exactly use the product as expected, as I don’t currently own a mop, but I did try it out but making up the mix in a bucket and using a sponge to clean down the floor of mine and my roommates bathroom (it was due for a cleaning).

First, I was frightened to see how dirty the water was after I finished. Yeah, it really was time to give the floor a good cleaning. I’m excited for next year and living in an apartment with my sister. I plan on buying a mop and using Moppy to clean our kitchen and bathroom floors. This year my roommates have some kind of wet towelettes to clean the kitchen floor with.
All in all, I was quite pleased with Moppy. Once I run out, I will purchase again. I like the natural aspect of the cleaning products as well as the fact that they use probiotics to clean, which is a nice feature that I haven’t seen advertised in other products.

I would definitely recommend any other the products form this line of cleaning products to anyone. If you’re into eco-friendly cleaning products, this is a great option.

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If you’re interested in buying Moppy or any of the other Natural House Products, check out their website or Amazon to purchase.
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