Review: Zulugrass- The Leakey Collection (Sponsor Spotlight)

About Zulugrass and The Leakey Collection from the website;

Zulugrass was founded by Katy and Philip Leakey in The Rift Valley Kenya, Easy Africa, combining their interets and love of nature to create this, The Leakey Collection.

Zulugrass uses natural elements like fallen wood, grass and porcelain. The Leakey Collection is created using these renewable resources, providing economic opportunities to the communities in this area.

The entire collection is now available on LeakeyCollection, their online retail site. 

Continue on to read my review and to learn how you can win your own two strands of Zulugrass.

I received two single strands of Zulugrass for review. I was really excited to receive these beads. The stands can be doubled up and worn as bracelets, worn as simple, long stand necklaces, or a choker. I was sent a little guide with my stands showing me several ways to wear these.

I was pleased with the lightness and color of the beads. They are very much in fitting with my “simplistic” style. I had fun showing them off to my sister, who is already interested in borrowing them from me. My mom also liked them, the whole natural jewelry look appealing to her. So if that’s an sort of indication, it shows how nice Zulugrass is for all ages.

I was also really excited to learn about the company. I really liked how the beads were made using natural materials and created by Maasai women in a specific region of Africa. Making these beads allows them to have an income and support their families and the economy in their area. To learn more about the Maasai women, click here.

If you are interested in anymore information on the company, Zulugrass, or anything else related, leave it in a comment below. I received a wonderful PR package from the company with lots of great information.

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