Review: & Ways to Wear a T-Shirt is an online, reasonably priced T-Shirt store. They offer a wide selection of T-Shirts, and as a t-shirt and jeans kind of girl, I couldn’t pass up the offer to review their shirts for you all. 
Continue on to read my review and see my little “Ways to Wear a T-Shirt” guide.


As a t-shirt and jeans girl, as I’ve mentioned in the past, I’m always happy to review t-shirts when a company comes along.

FiveFingerTees…haha, get the pun? They’re a steal? Five finger discount joke? Yeah, okay. I’m sure you do. Anyway, they offer a wide range of inexpensive t-shirts, like the giraffe on to the left, which is the shirt I received for review.

I received a gold shirt, and I’m thinking I might give it to a friend for her next birthday, she loves giraffes.

This t-shirts is one of the softer cotton fabric t-shirts that are around. I’m not a big fan of the stiff cotton shirts, but these soft, slightly thinner, moveable material is great. I would recommend anyone who is interested to check out FiveFingerTees if you are looking for fun, inexpensive t-shirts.

Ways to Wear T-Shirts
I thought I would just make a small set to give you some ideas, as basic as they may be, as to how you could wear this shirt.

Short Shorts & Flip Flops ~ Skinny Jeans & Brown Converse ~ Mini Skirt & Nude Pumps 

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                                Photo Credit: FiveFingerTees