Review: NiaPads (Sponsor Spotlight)

Easy to use NiaPads are a great way to keep your skin acne free, or to help stop a new pimple. The back of the package has easy to follow instructions and the paper it came with gave me ideas about using the NiaPads as a strong spot treatment.

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From the Niapads website;

Niapads™ is a one-step process for pore cleansing, killing acne causing bacteria and exfoliation. Skin friendly emollients prevent drying of skin. It also contains Lavender oil, known for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties; and yes it provides a mild lavender scent.

Luckily for me, I have always had pretty good skin. Now that I’m on the pill, I have even fewer breakouts. However!, when I do get a pimple, they are almost always those deep, painful, take-weeks-to-go-away types.
The NiaPads come as dry and to use them you simple add water, wipe down your face, wait 20-30 seconds, then rinse thoroughly and pat dry with a towel. I was sent a 30-count pack of NiaPads to try, thinking I would ideally use them in a way they suggest, which is a spot treatment sort of deal. NiaPads suggests doing this by cutting a piece of a pad a little bigger than your pimple, wetting it and your pimple, and applying the pad to the pimple and letting it dry there before removing and rinsing.

Unfortunately, or fortunately I guess would be the accurate response, I didn’t have a real out break to try this NiaPads out on. I did have a small pimple try to start. I used the spot treatment method one time, and I’m not sure if it really helped or if it was just a pimple that wouldn’t have really developed anyway. Though the product didn’t irritate my skin, which is nice as I have sensitive skin. I’ll have to wait and try again next time!

If you have acne or breakouts, I’d suggest checking out NiaPads and seeing how they work for you!

You can buy Niapads for $17.00 for a 30-count pack with free shipping from Amazon.
It comes with high reviews for the most part on Amazon.

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21 thoughts on “Review: NiaPads (Sponsor Spotlight)

  1. I get the same occasional, deep cystic type pimples! I like that wipes are dry until you wet them yourself. I also like the idea of cutting them to size for spot treatments.

  2. As I’ve gotten older (35 now, ugh) my skin has decided to break out on a regular basis so I’m always looking for acne products that are effective. I like the idea of just sticking something on overnight and presto chango – no more pimples.tjbugnet AT gmail DOT com

  3. It is very strange to me that as a teen, my skin was flawless…I never had a pimple throughout my entire adolescence but…now that I am 46 and heading into menopause, I am constantly dealing with outbreaks. Frankly I don`t understand it at all except that it is obviously related to hormones but that does not explain why it didn’t happen as a teen. I would love to try this product and see if it could help me. Thanks for the info!

  4. I get these all the time around that time of the month. I would LOVE to try these and see if they work for me, my husband would probably try to steal them to

  5. I wonder if they would work good for my sensitive skin. They sound nice I like that they do not come wet with alcohol I always prefer getting dry facial cleaners than ones that are mixed with alcohol or other harsh solvents

  6. i have more of a problem with really dry skin, but i do get pimples, these seem good, plus i love the price of them, my 16 year old daughter would love them ! easy to use

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