Virgin Coconut Oil Recipes~ Cake

I used Virgin Coconut Oil as a replacement for butter in my cake mix, and it turned out great! Above is a picture of a piece of the cake, don’t you love the fuzzy cell phone image and attractive background? Haa.

Continue on for another picture and what I did to make it and to buy coconut oil.

Here is another picture of the cake, via cellphone.

Mix Cake Using Virgin Coconut Oil

To make this cake, I simply made up a Betty Crocker yellow cake mix but rather than using butter, I use coconut oil instead. This is the first time I’ve ever baked with coconut oil, and I have to say, I will gladly be doing so again. It worked great, and I swear it’s more moist and creamy, and you can taste (if you try hard) and ever so slight flavor of coconut. I then frosted the whole cake in a whipped chocolate frosting, and viola! =)

You can buy Tropical 
Traditions Virgin Coconut 
Oil by clicking on the jar!

Have you ever baked with virgin coconut oil?

This post contains an affiliate link. I received the coconut oil for review in another post. All opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. That looks good! I have some Trop. Traditions coconut oil, might need to bake a cake this weekend. I love using the oil on my nails & cuticles.

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