Review: Healthy Hair Nutrition Intensive Hair Repair Masque

Healthy Hair Nutrition by Salon Grafix is a line of hair products made up of an Intensive Hair Repair Masque and a Cleansing Conditioner. Healthy Hair Nutrition is sulfate-free, which is always great and definitely better for your hair. If you have damaged hair, you’ll want to check this out.
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Healthy hair is a balancing act. Regular shampoo strips your hair of essential oils, causing dryness, breakage and excessive color-fading. Our sulfate-free, gentle cleansing formula rebalances the amount of natural oils your hair needs, leaving your hair stronger and shinier, without weighing it down.


I was excited for the chance to review this Intensive Hair Repair Masque, because my hair certainly needs it. At this point, I should probably just get it cut really short again, but I did that  a couple years ago and hated it for a while. I already have issues with looking young, and having short hair makes me look like a child. Anyway, my hair needs some help, so this masque seemed like the perfect idea to help out my hair.

The first time I used the masque, I found it quite easy to get a nice amount and apply it to my hair. Now I have quite a bit of hair, so it took a bit more than suggested (however less than I thought. I used less the first time and it was better. A little goes a fair way.) I blow dried my hair when I got out of the shower, so I couldn’t see what it would really do to my hair. (Side note, I never blow my hair. It was weird. Haha.)

The second time I used it, I was able to let my hair dry and actually visibly noticed that my hair seemed a bit smoother and healthier looking. I’m not sure if I just wanted to see a change, but I’m pretty sure it did help. I’m excited to continue using this masque and see further changes in my hair.

If you have dry or damaged hair, I would suggest checking out Healthy Hair Nutrition Intensive Hair Repair Masque and see how it works for you.

• Convenient container 
• Easy to use/apply
• Seems to work as advertised, at least for me.

• The smell isn’t great, but it’s not really a deal breaker.

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Do you use a hair masque, have you ever?
This is the first masque I’ve used.


3 thoughts on “Review: Healthy Hair Nutrition Intensive Hair Repair Masque

  1. Ohhh looks good, have to try that! I’ve been using Pro Naturals Moroccan Oil hair treatment to smooth and revitalize my hair. The argan oil repairs and strengthens, plus it gets rid of frizz and brittle strands. It really gives your hair a nice healthy, freshened feeling!

  2. thank you for the info, I also use a good product to restore my damaged hair, it’s Pro Naturals Moroccan Argan Oil which protects the hair, makes it stronger and keeps it soft, shiny and healthy. 🙂

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