¡Adiós, hasta luego!


At this point, I am likely on the plane headed to Mexico. This will be the first time I’ve gone. I will be there from July 9th through July 22nd, meaning my blog will notice my absence. Also, unlike my US traveling, I will likely not even have email access (or very limited internet use).

  • While I am gone, a couple giveaway events I am in will end. Check out the original posts on the day the giveaway closes, it’s likely the winners will be announced there, as well as emailed.
  • I have some posts scheduled to go live when I’m gone in hopes of keeping it a bit active, but my Twitter and FaceBook should be pretty dead, unfortunately…just as I get my numbers back up.
  • I scheduled a couple FaceBook posts and might try and schedule some tweets so those pages don’t die. =/
  • I will be participating in the ‘Back to School Blast’ Giveaway Hop running August 1st-14th. I’m working of sponsors now, and I will again to get some fast ones when I return (having about 9 days until the hop). 
    • Sponsors: If you have a ‘back to school’ related product for high school or college ages, send me an email and we can work fast when I return. Looking for: electronics, books, giftcards, dorm decor, snack foods, clothing, jewelry, school supplies, bags, etc.

What travel plans do you have this summer?