Like It or Leave It: Floral Jeans ~ Fashion Friday

I’ve seen floral jeans gaining popularity among celebrities and fashion icons alike. But the question is, when it comes to floral jeans do you like it or leave it? I can easily see both sides. They’re kind of fun, romantic and feminine, but they’re also a bit bold, over-the-top and too girly for some.

Continue reading this post to see three outfits I made using floral jeans, in case you like the trend and want to give it a try.

Floral Jeans ~ 1
Romantic Garden
I could picture wearing this outfit to read outside (where I live), going shopping at the mall or hanging out with friends.
I paired this floral jeans with a neutral, lose fitting shirt to keep the outfit more mellow and to keep cool in the summer. I paired it with matching neutral shoes, a gold chain necklace, and rose/gold colored sunglasses.

Floral Jeans ~ 2

Weekend Brunch
I pictured wearing this outfit to a a fun summer weekend brunch with friends, when you want to look a bit more dressy. Pain floral jeans with a crisp white blouse, white purse and two other great trends; colored blazers and nude pumps.

Floral Jeans ~ 3

Glam Rock

I thought I would show another, less girly version. If I were to wear floral jeans, this is more close to what I would wear (only with converse and my wallet).
I through together these floral jeans with a band tee and a hoodie. I finished the look with black boots and a black chain bag.

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Like it or leave it?
Would you wear this trend or not?

Happy Friday the 13th.