Teenagers Getting Married, Having Children


I wrote this post a couple months ago but never published it. I’m currently clearing out all of my drafts and either deleting or publishing posts. Maybe someday I’ll post a bit of my high school senior graduation project, it was focused on the pregnancy aspect of this post.

I realize this post is a somewhat controversial topic. I welcome your opinions in the comment section, so long as you are respectful.

“If your age still has the “teen” suffix attached, you are far to young to be married or have children.
Sometimes I just want to scream “SLOW DOWN!” to everyone. Children should not being having children. Children should not being getting married.
Before I was sexually active, I chose not to go about telling people that “it’s really not that hard to not get pregnant”. I wasn’t on birth control or sexually active, so I was never placed in a situation to properly understand, therefore I chose not to really talk about it. Now that I am sexually active and responsible for taking my birth control and preventing unwanted pregnancies, I do not, or rather can not, understand how someone could be so entirely irresponsible. (Setting aside the 1% ineffectiveness of birth control and other situations that are not in your hands.) Otherwise, I just do not understand. To me it has always seemed so incredibly selfish to bring a child into this world when you are not stable enough in your own life to create a stable life for your child.

I understand that it’s possible some of my readers were married young and had children young. I am not trying to offend you on a personal level. I am just expressing my views. I encourage you to leave a comment below expressing your views (I just ask that you do not personally attack me, as I have not done so to you. If we are all mature about this, I feel we can have a healthy discussion. Sometimes it’s nice to hear the other side of issues. We can always agree to disagree and remain civil.) 

Life is not a race.

Perhaps in the future I will talk more about this topic now that I have broken the ice, I just don’t want to lose readers by coming on too strong in the beginning, or talking about anything like this too often.

Thanks for experimenting with me.


2 thoughts on “Teenagers Getting Married, Having Children

  1. I totally agree with you Sarah. What really gets me is they’re not using anything but each other and then wonder why they end up pregnant. I mean, I know not all families openly discuss sexual activity and all that comes along with it. But really? I don’t think people are really that naive.Like you said, I know things happen. But if you’re planning on being sexually active, I think you need to be responsible about it. Know your options and the consequences of your actions.Ashley @ Dr. Pepper Diva

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