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“Tidy Tots™ disposable potty chair liners are designed to fit in most any potty chair. Simply cover the removable bowl of your potty chair with a Tidy Tots™ plastic disposable potty liner, smooth it into place, and add a Tidy Tots ™ super-absorbent pad. The super-absorbent pad is designed to absorb more than your child can create in one sitting, so you can choose to change the liner after each use or wait for 2-3 uses. When finished, simply remove the liner from the removable potty chair bowl, pull the drawtape closure and tie it closed. Simply discard the liner just as you would dispose of a diaper. Finally, mess-free potty training products!” –

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To start with, this product marks the last baby/child related product I will review, at least for quite some time. As I currently do not have children and do not plan on having any in the near future, it seems somewhat unnecessary for me to continue to review children’s products. However, I just love kids so much and I feel I have a pretty good feel for what parents are looking for, especially in regards to this product. I work in a classroom with 2-3 year olds and in the beginning of the year, many of them are not potty trained, so I am at least somewhat familiar with the process, though my 5 hours twice a week is no where near the amount of time parents spend potty training
In other words, I feel confident that I am giving this product an appropriate review.

TidyTots Liners are the easy, mess free solution to potty training. Simply line the potty chair with a TidyTots Liner, place the absorbant pad on the bottom, and you’re good to go! Check out the video below to see how it works.

Though I don’t have children to actually test the liners on, I did use a bowl and a cup of water to test how well the liners stay in place and the absorbency of the pad, and both parts seemed to hold up just as well as advertised.

Now you may be thinking the same thing that first crossed my mind, isn’t this a bit wasteful? We already have so much plastic in landfills. When I checked out the YouTube video I found a comment TidyTots had replied to which helped clear this up a little bit. They mentioned that, “For pre-1994 toilets every flush uses 3.4 gallons of water (1.3 gallons post 1994). Given that Tidy Tots will absorb more than a child can create in 2-3 visits to the potty, there is a good amount of water savings from its use.”

I still feel that these liners are too wasteful for me to want to use with my hypothetical children, BUT, I think these would be the PERFECT thing for vacations, camping, etc. I can see it now. When my sister and I were younger, my parents took up camping quite a bit. I imagine having these liners would be quite nice to have while camping. The easy disposal would make it much easier than trying to find an appropriate dumping place every time your child used their potty chair.

As I don’t have children yet, and won’t for quite some time, I plan to give the liners to my friend once her toddler beings potty training, which I imagine will take place pretty soon. My, how the time flies!

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  1. My son has already been potty trained and I would have given anything to have something like this when we were going through that stage. However my daughter is about to be potty trained so they would definately be used for her!

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