Review & Giveaway: Academic Planner- A Tool for Time Management

About the Academic Planner;
The feedback I have received in response to our 2011-2012 Academic Planner has been overwhelming and I’m delighted to announce the new-and-improved versions for 2012-2013!  Student organizing is my passion, so I decided to design this planner to help students address their most pressing issue – how to manage their time. Typical planners are used merely to record homework assignments, tests and due dates. In effect, they are glorified “to-do” lists. My planner can be described as a tool for time management.” ~

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The Academic Planner from is a wonderful tool for students. This particular academic planner is designed for middle and high schools, though it could really be used for any student, or perhaps a teacher. 

The Academic Planner: A Tool for Time Management organizes students school and personal life in a convenient and easy to use way. I know when I was in middle school and high school we were always given a free from the school planner, but it didn’t have the same features this planner has. This planner features a place to write homework, extracurricular and even more.

The owner and creator of these planners actually designed these planners for her child who has ADD, so this planner would be wonderful for any students, and even help out those students who need an extra kick to keep organized and focused.

Even in college, I am still using a planner. I have one small planner than I keep in my backpack for homework, tests and the like, and then a larger calendar that I hang on the wall for events, parties, vacations, my work schedule, etc. Next year living with my sister, I plan to put one up in the living room and write out schedules down on it so we know each others whereabouts. 

I’m kind of growing fond of this planner for my personal use, but if I go with something else, I’d imagine my sister would like it even though it’ll be her first year at university. All in all, I like this planner and would suggest you check it out if you have a student that could use some help being more organized.

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  1. This looks great! I’m about to start back to school after being out for 2 years. I’ll be starting a Master’s program and could really use this!

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