Review & Giveaway: MyMemoriesSuite Digital Software

MyMemoriesSuite v3 is an digital scrapbook software kit that allows you to great a fully customizable digital scrapbook to share with anyone! It’s easy to learn, fun to use, and a great way to showcase all those photos you have doing nothing on your harddrive. 

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I’ve reviewed and given away a MyMemoriesSuite digital software kit before, so I was excited to do one again. However, when my compter crashed a while ago, I was bummed that I wouldn’t be able to play around with the program. Luckily, once you buy from MyMemoriesSuite, you can then re-download the program if you need to, so I did, and now I am here to bring you another review!

Here is the image I created the last time I reviewed. Back at this time, I had all my pictures on my computer, so I was able to create a fun scrapbook page featuring three pictures that I had taken.
You can check out that first review here.

Below is a page I created using just the effects and pictures that are found in the program, so you can see more of what the program offers. It really is quite cool. I’ve enjoyed playing on it several times. I no long have all of my photos on my computer, my iPhoto is acting up and I won’t be able to get it checked out until I head back to my college town where there is a guy who is really good with Macs and reasonably priced. He’s the one who saved me when my HD drive died.

Below is a fun little number I created using four of my pictures I took when we look a trip to Arizona/Utah the Summer of 2009. The top-left photo is from Arches National Park, Utah; the top-right photo is from Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah; the bottom-left photo is from Salt Lake, Utah; and the bottom-right photo is from the Slot Canyons (Antelope Park), Arizona.

For the fun of it, I added my blog information (that’s actually the signature I use in my emails) as well as a ribbon to divide the pictures from the words, complete with a button. I also backed on the pictures with a gray matting.  I wanted to keep it pretty simple, as that is my mode.

It’s like an ad showcasing my photography, ha. I’d be tempted to sell prints, but I don’t know what the interest level for something like that would be. 


Being that this is my second review, I’ll already gotten the initial excitement out of my system, but I still find the program to be super fun to play with. It’s a great tool for parents or students to have. Digital is all the rage now days, so why not keep a digital scrapbook? For students who are interested, I imagine any parent would love to see a digital scrapbook for their college students, giving them a little insight into what’s happening. I know my Mom would love it if I were less lazy and did just that. Ha. 

Some other ideas I’ve thought would be to use this program for invites, graduation announcements, school projects that need visual aids, and so much more. What a great high school graduation gift to send your child off to college with, they can digitally scrapbook the adventure!

All in all, it’s a really great program that allows you to fully customize your digital scrapbooks to fit your tastes. It comes with all sorts of embellishments (like the button and ribbon and stitching in the image above), shapes (like the grey boxes behind the images), an option to add fonts, images, and so much more. You can use pre-made templates like I did the first time, or make something from scratch, like I did this time.

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